Play Low Impact Paintball

//Play Low Impact Paintball

Play Low Impact Paintball

Low Impact Paintball:
Our mission is to grow paintball by providing consumers of all shapes, sizes, gender and abilities an experience that provides the adrenaline rush and inner competitive spirit of the highest levels of competitive paintball. Most importantly it provides the consumer an experience that ends in a splat. Not everyone is ready to step onto the .68 caliber field, but thru low impact paintball, more people are likely to take the first step in their personal paintball journey. With a compact, lightweight, rugged design, at reduced velocity the equipment is perfect for younger people, corporate groups, and women. With  playing opportunities between  Low Impact, and traditional 68 caliber paintball, we as an industry have the ability to bring in new players and provide a memorable experience that keeps them coming back for more.



TopGun is proud to announce our newest, and most exclusive Paintball activity especially geared to our younger customers. We now offer lower caliber, lower velocity “guns” made especially for players looking for all the excitement of a real paintball game without the occasional sting left by full size paintballs.

  • 20% slower speed

  • 27% smaller paintballs

  • 70% less impact force than a traditional paintball

  • 100% FUN

  • Perfect for First Timers and Younger Player.

  • Also Fun for People of Any Age Who Want to Play Paintball That’s a Little Less Intense.

We’ve got a supply of new 50 caliber paintball guns which will be used exclusively for our new Low Impact Games.

This is what you’ll get when you Sign in….

1 Hour session

  1.  Low Impact Only field

  2. Referees Assigned to Run the Games and Keep Everything Safe

  3. Rental of 50 cal. Paintball Gun

  4. Rental of Paintball Face and Head Mask

  5. 200 50 Caliber Paintballs are included with Each Paid Entry

  6. Additional Paintballs Can be purchased during Game time

  7. (Sold in Bags of 200 for $14.00 or Bag of 500 for $35.00 )


ONE HOUR SESSION ONLY $25.00 Per Player.


Games Run From 10:00am through 3:00pm

Play Paintball and Then Wind Down, and Take Some Time to Share Your Stories with Your Friends in Our Picnic Area.

Facility Closes at 4:00pm

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