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New Virtue ASCEND Goggles
We’ve just received some new Virtue VIO masks at TopGun Paintball Games and I must say we’re all pretty impressed. I’ve been playing Paintball for, seems like forever, and this mask has features that take the best features from the “Olden days” of goggles and incorporated the latest technology to give us all a great new mask.
I always liked the old Scott goggle for it’s maximum venting and making it possible for you to be heard by your team mates. JT always had cool looks, good peripheral vision, different lenses and goggle fans available,.
Vitrtue ASCEND has all this plus some other features. Listed below are features I like and the very few I don’t about this goggle system.

Positive features:
Incredibly Light Weight! You can wear this mask all day and it’s so light you may forget you’re wearing it.
Very good voice transmission due to the configuration of front vents
Six different goggle frame colors and uses VIO lenses, which are compatible with other Virtue masks.
You can customize with 18 different lenses, 16 different visors, and multiple strap designs.
Visor fan available for even better air flow.
Like most modern masks, lenses are easy to replace. As are the foam Liners.

While the vents allow great sound transmission, if you’re shot below the lens you won’t get hurt, but you’ll taste the paint.
The goggles are one piece only. No JT Proflex type soft ears
If you’re looking for a very nice moderately priced goggle system check out the VIO ASCEND available at TopGun Paintball Games Pro Shop.

Carl Atkins SR. TopGun Paintball Games Jackson New Jersey.