What is Paintball?
Paintball is the world’s fastest growing outdoor and indoor participation sport. It’s a combination of childhood “hide and seek” and “tag”, but much more sophisticated and challenging!

A group of players (must be age 8 or older) is usually divided into teams varying in size from four or five to as many as 50 or more on a side. Each player is then given a CO2 charged paint marker or “gun” that expels paintballs to mark opponents. For optimum safety, players are supplied with high quality goggles and face masks.

The object of the game is simple! Go out, eliminate your opponents, and capture their flag. But watch out! Because they will be trying to do the same to you.

Paintball is a truly unique sport where women stand equal footing with men. In fact, physical size and strength do not create a star, rather it is your ability to think and react that helps make you the star. Paintball is many things. But above all….it’s fun !

How to Organize a Group for Paintball
First, get your friends, co-workers, teammates, etc. interested in playing paintball. Try challenging another group or company; that always makes for an exciting game! Paintball is great fun for bachelor parties, company outings, anniversaries, and other special events. Next, pick a play date and call TopGun Paintball Games to book a reservation. You’re booking reserves your play date and equipment. Get consent forms for any players under age 18 and any additional information or directions you may need. Collect a deposit from each player and then send it two weeks in advance to TopGun Paintball Games. Make your reservation as early as possible, especially during prime play season in the spring and fall. Now all you have to do is show up and have tons of fun!!

What should I bring??
Some dark clothing or camouflage gear if you have them is recommended. Also, wear a pair of high top boots or sneakers for traction and ankle support. A change of clothes is highly recommended. That’s all you need, we’ll provide the rest!

Can I come alone??
Single players are always welcome at Top Gun Paintball Games. We will place you on a team based on your experience and equipment to insure you a great time. It is still best to call ahead to see what’s happening on the date you plan to play.

Who Plays Paintball??
Men and women from all different backgrounds and professions. On any given day, you’ll find lawyers, teachers, programmers, nurses, doctors, carpenters, electricians, artists, writers, actors, actresses, guards, students and even grandparents. The fact is, everyone can play paintball. That’s what makes this unique and exciting game America’s fastest growing sport.

While there’s plenty of room to play on the over 130 acres of beautiful forest, lakes, streams and open fields that make up TopGun, our policy is to limit the amount of players per day so that everyone spends their time playing Paintball, not waiting on line to play Paintball.

Except for special events and Big Games, we limit the number of players per day. We will close off registration once the maximum number is reached.

This allows us to maintain the highest level of service and value that our Customers have grown to expect for over twenty years.

Preregister online (click here), or call 732-928-2810 to book your reservation now.

We recommend that you contact us at least two weeks before your planned Adventure at TopGun.