Paintball Prices

Full day play goes from 9:00am – 4:00pm

Half Day is either from 9:00am – 12:00 or 1:00pm – 4:00

Basic Package:

  • Includes Mask, Paintball Gun, Unlimited Air fills
  • Paintballs extra

Full Day: $39.99 / Half Day: $25.99

Bronze Package:

  • Everything in Basic Package PLUS
    • Chest Protector OR Ammo Pack
  • Paintballs Extra

Full Day: $44.99 / Half Day: $30.99

Silver Package:

  • Everything in the Bronze Package PLUS
    • Chest Protector AND Ammo Pack
  • Paintballs Extra

Full Day: $49.99 / Half Day: $35.99

Gold Package:

  • Everything in the Silver Package
  • PLUS 500 Paintballs

Full Day: $74.99 / Half Day: $64.99

Platinum Package:

  • Everything in the Silver Package
  • PLUS 1000 Paintballs
  • PLUS $5.00 off next visit

Full Day: $94.99 / Half Day: $84.99

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Special Packages

Special Rates CANNOT be combined with Value Deals

Private Groups require reservations prior to game day.

BIRTHDAY / BACHELOR PARTIES – $35.99 per person

  • 3 hour morning or afternoon session
  • 9:00am – 12:00 OR 1:00pm – 4:00pm
  • Includes rental gun, rental mask, plus 200 paintballs

Deluxe Birthday / Bachelor Parties – $45.99 per person

  • 9:00am to 12:00pm or 1:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Includes Mask, Gun, Airfills, and 200 paintballs
  • Plus Coveralls and Chest Protector Vest

Private Games for Groups of 15 or more – No Additional Charges

Police, Fire Dept., Military – Full Day – $39.99

  • Individual ID Required
  • Includes Rental Gun, Rental Mask, Unlimited Airfills, plus 300 paintballs


Rent for the day:

Ammo Belt$6.00
Camo Coverall$7.00
Chest Protector / Vest$6.00

Paintball Prices

100 PAINTBALLS$10.00
200 PAINTBALLS$16.00
500 PAINTBALLS$40.00
1000 PAINTBALLS$60.00
Full Case (2000 PAINTBALLS)$80.00
Only Paintballs bought at TopGun can be used at TopGun
ALL TANKS – CO2 AND COMPRESSED AIR$6.00 per Fill for non-players
Up to 20oz CO2 and 4500 PSI
Have your own stuff?Same price as rental players
(Includes all day air for one tank)
Need a Compressed Air Tank for your gun?We’ll loan you one of ours (FREE) for
Your Gun
(Based on availabilty)